A citizen science database powered by dive center sightings.

Dive the Data is a partnership between the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) and dive centers interested in contributing to citizen science. This fledgling project is currently tracking 14 species of megafauna in the Inhambane province of Mozambique.

What is Visualized Above?

The data we receive from MMF is visualized using Plotly and Dash. The three Plotly graphs are cross graphs, meaning what you select in one graph is reflected in the other two. The Sightings at Dive Sites map shows the average number of dives per week (outer circle surface area) and the average number of animals sightings per week (inner circle surface area) for the selected species and time period. The Species Frequency bar graph shows the log of the number of animals sighted for the selected time period and dive sights. And the Sightings Over Time line graph shows the number of animals sighted averaged per month for the species and dive sights selected.

How the data is collected

When dive groups spot one of the tracked species of megafauna they tally the count back at the dive center, usually during debriefing. Those numbers are totaled weekly and sent to MMF where they are added into the database.

How can I contribute?

Dive the Data is currently only in the Inhambane province. If you are a diver or dive center in another location and are interested in having a Dive the Data page for your region then contact us at info@divethedata.com

How to use Plotly graphs

Dive the data is built using interactive plotly graphs. This allows you to select and view the data you are most interested in. Use these tools to explore the data.

Single Click

Use single click to select a dive site or species you are interested in.

Double Click

Use double click to reset any changes you have made with a specific tool.

Box Select

Use box select to select a group of dive sites or species you are interested in.

Reset Axes

Use the Home icon to reset the graph back to it’s initial state.


Use pan to explore the timeline or map.

Shift Select

Hold down the shift key while single clicking or using the box select to add selections together.


Use zoom to focus on a time range or set of dive sites.

Contributing Dive Centers

Created in partnership with the
Marine Megafauna Foundation